Bronze and Onyx and Agate Heirloom Rosary

Bronze and Onyx and Agate Heirloom Rosary


SKU: 3208290004

This artfully handcrafted onyx heirloom rosary was made to last the test of time as each bead was hand wired for strength and beauty. Crafted with medals dating from 15th to 19th century, each medal solid bronze hand cast designs. The beads are genuine black onyx with faceted green agate stones.
The centerpiece medal is a replica from 1800's (latin America), with the sacred heart of Jesus located on the back. The crucifix depicts a lily at each end of the cross. The lily represents the continued purity of our blessed mother Mary (1800's Mexico). Attached is a medal detailing the prayerful hands of our lady of Guadalupe.

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  • Sku: 3208290004

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