Select The Right Ring Size Without Her Knowing

A surprise engagement can be one of life’s most beautiful memories. However it also takes a lot of careful planning and being able to keep a secret. The bigger concern that most men have when preparing for their proposal is how will they know if the ring fits? Luckily, at Don Roberto our expert jewelers have created a ring sizing chart that will guarantee that you can accurately get her ring size so that when that day comes that ring will be a perfect fit for the perfect bride.

Borrow Her Ring

The first and most important step is to find a ring that she owns that you have seen her wear on the desired finger. Once you select the ring you can use our ring-sizing guideto place the ring over the different ring size circles. The inside edge of the ring should match the circle width. If you notice that the ring falls in between sizes you should always order the larger ring size.

The reason being is that it is easier to re-size a ring that is too big. Keep in mind as well that rings that have a larger, thicker band should be larger than her normal rings.

Get Help From Friends & Family

Friends and family aren’t expected to know her ring size but if they ever purchased a ring for her as a gift, they might know the answer! Another option is they can always go with her to go “window shopping” for a ring and can convince her to see what ring she likes and to try it on, that is a guaranteed way to find out what her ring size is.

A surprise proposal is always in the end a fun and exciting time for everyone involved. With careful planning and our recommended sizing tips, you can find the perfect ring in the perfect size. Visit our wide selection of engagement rings and convenient credit offerings so that you can make affordable payments while building your credit as you shop for a beautiful engagement ring.

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