Infant Jewelry, Picking Their First Pair of Earrings

Your child is precious and when their special day comes around you want to find a gift that will be precious to them too. Jewelry can be a great gift for any child as long as it is made from high quality metals so that is safe for your child to wear. If you are buying your child’s first pair of earrings, it is important to know some basic safety tips when shopping for their jewelry.Follow our essential tips for selecting your child’s first pair of earrings.

All children’s earrings should meet the following requirements:

- Nickel-Free
- Safety Backing
- Short Post
- Avoid Hoops

Each earring should have safety screw bell backs for comfort because push-on backs, which are more common, can tend to get loose when your baby lays their head down in their crib. If the backing falls off, both the backing and the earring itself can become a choking hazard.

When it comes to choosing what type of metal for your child’s ears, selecting the right metals is very important because as a newborn, babies are more sensitive to common allergies. Nickel and cobalt allergies are very common in infants; so make sure to avoid earrings that contain nickel to avoid allergic reactions. The safest metals to choose are 14k gold and surgical stainless steel which is why all of our children’s earrings are made of 14k gold and have surgical stainless steel backings.

Common safety tips include avoiding long tips and hoops. The reason being is that even small hoops can be tangled in hair, bedding and small fingers. For your child, make sure the posts should be shorter than those on adult earrings because their ear lobes are smaller so there is less room between their head and their lobes. To truly prevent discomfort, choose one of our screw bell-back backings so that tips will be covered and secure.

Choosing your child’s first pair of earrings is a special moment. High quality earrings can last with your child throughout their lifetime. Select beautiful 14k gold earrings from our colorful baby jewelry collection for everyday wear or special occasions. If you don’t find your perfect pair in our online jewelry store, visit one of our many store locations and a Don Roberto Jeweler will be more than happy to assist you on this special day.

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