How-To Pick The Ring Of Her Dreams

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We want to make sure that you know all aspects of ring buying before you make the big decision. We've compiled a small how-to guide of what you need to know she wants before your purchase, so don't mess this up!


beginners color

Now here we have the three gold tones. White and yellow gold are the most common, but rose gold popularity is on the rise and it's up to you to find out what color she wants to wear for the rest of her life. This might be the easiest to figure out on our check-list. If she wears jewelry, you can get a glimpse of what color she is most interested in and prefers. Buy her an inexpensive gold-tone ring and see her reaction, if she doesn't like it ask what color she would does like.



You have a lot of choices in this department. Lucky for you you don't have to make the decision, she does. Now let's start on how to pick her brain. It helps to look through a magazine or catalog and point out a diamond shape that you think she would like. If she is opposed to it, ask her what cut she does like. Round and princess cut are the most common because they're classic styles, if you can't get an answer out of her try one of those!




Ring settings are just as important as the cut of the stone! All women have their own opinion of what style will look best on their finger. It’s not hard to get women to talk about what kind of engagement ring they want. As you see your friends getting engaged on social media you can show her the pictures and that will helps you get an idea of what she’s expecting or prefers. The classic solitaire is a setting you can't go wrong with, the halo setting is a fashion trend with its popularity on the rise.



Don't worry we're here to walk you through this one, click here to take you to a page that will help you find the size to one of her existing rings. This is the most accurate way to find the correct size for an engagement ring. If you don't feel confident enough with that chart or can't get a hold of one of her rings, buy her an inexpensive fashion ring and see how it fits her. If the ring size is incorrect then get her to tell you what her correct size is so that no suspicion is created.

Now you must remember that even though all these engagement ring factors are important, they are not the most important. Your love for each other and relationship bond are the primary ingredients for this engagement. Any ring that you chose with her taste, feelings, and love involved will mean more than any fashion statement. So now you take the torch. You have the knowledge, now go apply it, and don't forget to make her heart sing when you get on one knee! Good luck, you'll do great!


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