How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring on a Budget

Finding your perfect engagement ring can be expensive. However, with our tips and tricks you can find the ring of your dreams without sacrificing quality or design.

Choose Your Setting Wisely

If you’re on a budget and you have your eyes on a larger stone, you can actually still achieve a similar feel of a larger stone without breaking the bank. The secret is in the selection of settings that you choose. For example, choosing a halo setting can make your diamond appear larger by creating a circle of smaller diamonds around the main diamond. This will make the diamond appear even larger on the engagement ring.

Don’t Go for a Pricy Prong

Having less metal on your ring ultimately brings down the cost. A prong is the part of your ring that secures your diamond in place, but it isn’t usually the first thing people think about when heading to jewelry stores. By choosing a simple tripod prong setting, not only are you saving money the diamond or stone will also be more visible and this type of prong will be easier to clean.

Get Creative With Your Shapes

You can still have your desired carat size and weight by choosing to go with a non-traditional shape. The same carat weight of a smaller traditional diamond can seem larger in the shape of say an oval or pear like diamond. Not only will you get endless compliments on a beautiful ring, but you will do it for a lower cost!

Choose White Gold Instead of Platinum

Platinum is seem as a very durable and polished metal so it is often a popular choice for rings. However, the price of platinum is “30 times more rare than gold” according to the Knot. White gold is a perfect alternative to platinum because it has the same look and feel as platinum for a much lower cost.

Opt for Colorful Gemstones

Colored gemstones can be a great alternative for the traditional diamond engagement ring. With beautiful cuts and colors, you can choose to have a gemstone as your dazzling centerpiece for your ring. Choosing a gemstone allows you to choose various sizes of stones without compromising on clarity or design.

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