Find the Perfect Gift for a Baby’s Baptism

When it comes to baptism gifts for both babies and children, jewelry is a great choice.

It is often chosen as a baptism gift as it can last many years, and sometimes for generations. 

Most baby bracelets can also be adjusted in size as the child grows. Gold earrings also make a great Baptism gift as they can be worn into adulthood, as long as they are a simple and classic design.
 If the child is older a ring may also be a suitable fit.

Whether from the child's Godparents, Grandparents, or parents, many people choose a keepsake gift that can be with them forever.

Why do Christian families perform a baptism?

A Christening or Baptism is a Christian and Catholic religious ceremony which uses water to immerse or cover the child or person, also known as an anointing. Baptism has been nearly universally understood as necessary for salvation and is performed to wash away sin and make pure and to initiate as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

If you have a child or an assignment as a godparent, there are many choices for baptism gifts.
Jewelry can be blessed and used for a lifetime, even becoming a family heirloom. Gifts can include anything of religious significance and are usually presented to the child on the day of the Christening.

It also makes for a good keepsake gift because it is made of precious metals and can be personalized with initials, name, or a monogram.
 Typical baptism gifts given to children can include gold chains and cross pendant and baptismal or religious medals


Baptism Medals as a Gift

Baptismal medals are a great way to remember the child’s special day. They are cast in precious metals, and depict images such as an angel holding a child being baptised. These little medal can make a great gift for a tiny loved one's baptism.

Some parents or godparents may choose to give a baptism medal to their child during the christening, but let the child wear it only when he or she is a bit older.

What is the best gold color for you baptism gift?

The next consideration you should make when buying a cross would be the color of the gold. There are three popular gold colors: yellow, white, and rose. 

Yellow gold is a classic color, and it is actually durable and non-corrosive. 

White gold, on the other hand, is very reflective and does not tarnish easily. Some prefer this to yellow gold, as it is more conservative.

 Rose gold or pink gold is the third option. Or, if you can’t choose, a fourth option is tricolor gold, which is a combination of all the gold types in one piece.

Consider the gold karat that is best for the child

Karat is another important factor to decide upon. Experts categorize gold content using Karats. This can range from 10 Karats (10K) up to 14 Karats (14K). The higher the number, the more gold a piece has and the higher the price.

Gold pieces with higher karat are also softer, which is why most people choose 10K or 14K, which is prefered to wear every day. For baptism jewelry, this helps to keep the cost down.

Should you add gemstones
 to a baptismal piece?

Some christening crosses are also available with gemstones. A gold cross with the child's birthstone can be a great way to commemorate both the child's birthday and christening day. 

A diamond cross is another gift the child could wear when he or she grows older. It can also become a wonderful heirloom to pass on to future generations. Your jeweler can offer these types of embellishments as a special order in store.

A baptism is a special time for any parent, marking a child's entrance into the Christian world. A gift of baptism jewelry is one of the best gifts for such an occasion, as it makes for a wonderful keepsake the child can wear and even give to his or her own children in the future.

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