Don Roberto Religious Jewelry Selection

With Spring comes a plethora of religious holidays and functions, from baptisms, first communions and confirmations,  to the biggest of them all, Easter.

We have a wide selection of religious jewelry in stores and online, and we put together a quick guide to help you choose the perfect piece when buying for the family.



1. Number one on the list is a 14k gold tri-color rosary necklace that can only be found on our website. If you are looking for something really special for your daughters confirmation, this piece is perfect. It pairs simple beauty with religious sentiment, and is a truly precious piece that will last a lifetime.

2. & 3. Number 2 and 3 above are examples of our website exclusive cross necklaces. We have an assortment of crosses in both 14k gold and silver in our religious jewelry category that work well for any special occasion. If you prefer to go to one of our stores, we also have a selection of crosses there as well.

4. Number 4 is another website exclusive piece. A gorgeous 14k gold tri-color rosary, this piece is truly stunning, and is perfect as a confirmation gift. While we only have this one rosary online, we have a much wider selection in both gold and silver at our store locations.


5. As is widely known, St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, but is a revered saint by more than just those who are on the move. St. Christopher is a great gift for anyone who is on any type of journey, whether it be physical or spiritual. This particular religious medal is an online exclusive, and can be found here.

6. Number 6 on our list is the Baptismal medal, depicting the baptism of Jesus Christ. Cast in 14k tri-color gold, this medal is a gorgeous way to commemorate a loved ones baptism. This style can be found both online and in our store locations.

7. Number 7 is a fancy 14k two-tone gold cross pendant. This medal is well suited for all occasions.

8. Carry the unmitigated love, compassion, and long-suffering of the heart of Jesus Christ with you with the 14k yellow gold round Sacred Heart medal. Coming in three different sizes, this small yet powerful medal will serve as a constant reminder of Jesus Christ's divine love for humanity. Carefully crafted, Don Roberto Jewelers' religious medals boast a smooth back, due to the elimination of soldering the medal. These can be found online and in stores.

9. Number 9 is also a sacred heart medal, but comes in a rectangular shape. Like number 8, this medal also comes in three different sizes, and can be found both online and in our store locations.

10., 11. & 12. Numbers 10, 11, and 12 on our list are our three versions of the Our Lady of Guadalupe medal, and one that is very close to our heart. If you ever came to our corporate office, you would see a great many Our Lady of Guadalupe statues and pictures watching over the building. These beautiful little medals each come in three different sizes and are cast in 14k tri-color gold. Good for any religious occasion!

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