Best Men's Watch Styles for Dressing Professionally

When dressing professional, whether for work or a night out, choosing the right jewelry can mean the difference between tying your outfit together, or standing out. Today, many men enjoy the clean-cut look, and Don Roberto Jewelers has watches that are the perfect complement to the modern professional's style. Here are some helpful tips for finding the right watch for you:

Stay Low Profile

A professional uses his watch to tell time and to look smart, not attract an audience. For a clean all day watch, consider the timeless look of the Bulova Classic Collection. The white dial and black leather strap adds an air of sophistication to both casual and formal wear.

Play with the Classics

Modern jewelry stores have many watch selections in a wide range of colors. However, even staying neutral can give you a pop of color to go with your look. Gold-tone, Silver-tone, and Stainless Steel bands can add a bright touch to a dark tone suit. Solid black and leather are also good band choices for white dials. Consider owning various styles to coordinate with outfits.

Don't Stagnate

Wearing a suit and tie every day does not need to feel like a uniform. Swapping accessories can give you a different look and style specific to the occasion. The next time you diamond shop, check out the watches and let your style shine.

Don Roberto Jewelers has a large selection of affordable watches for men. View our selection or email [email protected] for more information.

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