A Style Guide for Men’s Jewelry

A Style Guide for Men’s Jewelry

Once upon a time, the choices for men’s jewelry were pretty limited but, thankfully, this is no longer the case. The world of male jewelry has expanded and in some cases, has hit the mainstream.

Jewelry can add a luxury touch for men in suits, it can add a little casual flair in the right arrangement. In a lot of cases, adding a piece of statement jewelry can be very appealing.

There are very few rules where modern jewelry for men is concerned. Rather there are approaches that you can take, that will influence the pieces you choose.

Most men prefer to have ready-to-wear and straightforward fashion accessories to complement their wardrobe. It is very easy to achieve a look that is suitable for business apparel, happy hour and even casual date-night attire.

Here are a few different ways you can add some style to your look with Men’s Jewelry:


Men’s Rings

For thousands of years, men have worn rings to symbolize commitment, status, wealth, and association. Depending on what you want to express, rings can send the message to you.

Here are three examples of rings that add a complement to your style.

Wedding bands: A more flashy wedding band can be seen as an everyday fashion accessory. Consider this when wedding ring shopping. This ring features a satin and polished design with a princess cut diamond.

Alternative metal wedding bands: Choosing an alternative metal for a wedding band will certainly give a more modern look and can also be much more affordable. click to view

Style rings: Men's fashion rings can vary from large gems and diamonds to simple gold signet rings. This 14k yellow gold ring features a barrel cut ruby and diamond accents, a perfect ring for any man looking to add some color to his jewelry collection. click to view.


Men’s Chains and Bracelets

A necklace or bracelet for a man is different than for a woman. Men rarely wear anything that could be considered costume jewelry. This is why most men's bracelets and chains are simple in design. In most cases, chains are worn under the shirt, against the body. Bracelets are worn as an accent to your outfit.

Here are three choices that can work with most men’s style:

Chain Necklaces: Link chain or rope chain. Great for daily wear or special occasion depending on the wearer's preference.

Men's ID Bracelets: Big, bulky, and gold ID bracelets are used in some cultures as a sign of wealth. Most men wear them today as a fashion accessory as they can be dazzled up and down. It's not uncommon to add gold overlay text, diamonds, or engravings. This yellow gold Figaro ID bracelet is well sized in width and can be easily customized to your liking.

Men's Chain Bracelet: Men's chain bracelets can vary from Figaro to a railroad. Chain bracelets can be easily modified in length and be purchased in a variety of widths. This simple Figaro bracelet is a well sized 6-millimeter bracelet and can be worn for any occasion.


Men’s Watches

Probably the most common type of ‘conventional’ jewelry that men wear. Watches have both a practical and aesthetic aspect to them.

Men’s watches come in many different styles and with many names: the dress watch, the field watch, the diving watch, the pilot watch, the driving watch just to name a few.

To make things simpler, here are some of our favorite men’s watches this season:

Bulova Mens Diamond Watch: For a classic men's look, this stainless steel yellow gold-tone Bulova watch can be a great focal jewelry piece from day to night.

Bulova Men's Chronograph Watch: This rose gold-tone accented watch comes from the latest Bulova collection, the CURV. This is a high performance, beautifully crafted watch and can be used for much more than a just shiny accessory.

The truth is, there are no rules where men’s jewelry is concerned. The statement you make with your jewelry should be uniquely yours. Choose what works and what makes you feel stylish. The goal is to let the real you shine through with every piece you wear.

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