A Jewelers Guide To Promise Rings

What is a promise ring?

Rings remain favorite accessories for many reasons. They are easy to wear, easy to see on a person’s hand and make a great complement to most outfits.

They can also contain a lot of meaning.

Rings such as engagement rings and wedding bands symbolize a romantic commitment. When it comes to promise rings, the meaning behind them can vary depending upon the person.

Each ring is given as an expression of a certain promise two people have made with one another. Some of the most common meanings include:

  • Promises to Yourself: A person may buy a ring to serve as a reminder to stay strong and committed to a certain cause. It can be an outer symbol to the world of a personal change.
  • Friendship: Good friends can exchange promise rings that symbolize the commitment to always be there for each other.
  • Monogamy: Exchanges are often symbols of a mutual commitment to remain monogamous while in a romantic relationship. This is especially true when engagement or marriage is not yet possible.
  • Abstinence or Chastity: sometimes called ‘purity rings’ they symbolize the commitment to remain celibate until marriage, (or sometimes to remain substance-free).
  • Pre-engagement: Perhaps the most common meaning is the commitment to a relationship that is headed toward engagement. When a couple isn’t quite ready for marriage, a promise ring is often known as a pre-engagement ring.


What is the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring?


The biggest difference between the two is the intention. Promise rings are essentially the pledge of a lasting commitment, which can include the intent of an engagement someday.

Engagement rings are typically a display of the intention to marry in the very near future (usually within 1-2 years). An engagement ring will also change the relationship status from dating to being engaged.

Many people consider a promise rings as the precursors to wedding rings. You can give or receive one within months or years before an engagement ring.

In many modern relationships, there is less pressure to put an official label on their relationship. If an engagement ring comes along in the future, the promise ring often moves over to the opposite hand.

If you are considering this type of a ring, it is important to think through what it means to you and to share that special meaning with the special person you want to give it to.

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